Store's Special Offers

Store’s Special Offers

Your Special Offers on

Special Offer is your offer to buy product in your store within a limited period of time (the validity period of Special Offer) and get any additional material benefit in comparison with the usual price and / or with other usual terms of sale of this product.

By benefit we mean:
  • Discount for a certain product(s) for the validity period of Special Offer
  • Buy-and-get mechanics (buy a certain product(s) and get some gift)

The difference between Special Offers on Hotline and special offers on other websites is that we connect your Special Offers to your product feeds and to your products in catalog. So your Special Offers are seen by all users using directories and filters for searching and selecting products.

Price for Special Offers

CPC for the Special Offer on the Product Page = base cost + 1/3 (1,50 UAH) of base cost

Rules for Special Offers placement

Special Offer should provide material benefits: a discount on a certain product or a second product (for example buy one piece and get the second with 50% discount), a gift, a refund, etc.

At the Name field place the information about your Special Offer (buy-and-get, discount etc.). The length can be from 4 to 80 letters.

Not more than one Special Offer to each product.

You can’t place the phone number, website address, e-mail to the Name field.

Hotline administration reserves the right to remove your Special Offer from if these rules are violated.

How to place Special Offer?

Special Offers can only be placed by stores that host their product feeds at Only employees with relevant rights in your account on can place Special Offers.

In your account you can select the most suitable way to place your Special Offers: with XML-file, manually + XML-file or manually.

See Special Offers on

  • On Product Page on tab Where to buy: